Write ( A Five Minute Friday Post)

Yesterday I read a blog about dreams. Dreams that fell to the wayside because of how life played out. Yesterday, I also read another blog about little girls living in a country that does not necessarily allow them to live out their dreams. It made me think of my own dreams and sometimes, in the journey of living and thinking out many things, dreams get shafted aside.

I used to dream. I live one of my dreams now but I still have other dreams that had been put away, forgotten, collecting layers upon layers of dust in the attic of my mind.

I write now but it was a dream that had been put away for a very long time.  Writing used to define me, it used to be my outlet to the imaginary and more interesting world. It allowed me expression when I could not speak the words. Perhaps, I am not a published author, yet; but in my heart, I know that I am a writer. Not because others tell me that I am.

But because that is who I am.


4 thoughts on “Write ( A Five Minute Friday Post)

  1. God is the author of every good and perfect gift! It sounds like HE has given you the gift of a dream for writing. What good work He starts; He is faithful to complete! I am so excited that you have picked back up that dream! It encourages me as I struggle with letting the story flow through me. Thank you for pointing to identity and not counting on others to provide that for you! You have dared me to pick up that dream and write for His glory, being true to my journey. I look forward to reading more post that you author! Blessings on your days ahead!

  2. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog post. I identify with your post. So many dreams, one of which is to write. But I can’t quite bring myself to admit that I am a writer. Or an artist. Or a photographer. I’m glad that you are dusting your dream off and using the ability that God gave you as a writer. That is how He made you. Blessings. xo

    • Hi Anne,

      I am saying all of that boldly. And some may smile and nod and play nice with me or some might snort and choke when I declare those things but just because I don’t make money from that which God has given me as talents does not mean that I am not those things. (Do you see how I avoid naming them, lol?) Perhaps, I should try to multiply those talents, like it says in the bible. I don’t know. I am just being faithful to use those talents now with the hope of encouraging others and perhaps, God might open the doors. Who knows? We just have to be faithful with the little, and He will do the rest. Blessings to you, Anne!!!

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