Unfurl Ourselves

Sometimes, I jump in headfirst. I say inappropriate things. I get all brave and say something because I believe it even if no one else does, and then sit around chewing my lip the rest of the day wondering if I should have said it. Yesterday and today have been those types of days.

I believe that I have the talents to do certain things. God given talents. Like write. Paint. And yes, even take photographs. One rejection does not disqualify me forever. I have other talents and gifts that have been proven,  but in these 3 areas, I struggle to keep my head above water to believe. I wondered about it, wondered why it was so hard for me to even say that I am a writer. Or that I am an artist.

In our world, someone only gets a title such as those above only when they can earn money doing those things. Receiving money for writing, painting or photography denotes that someone thinks that we can do those things well enough to warrant being paid for doing it. And this is where I get all insecure.

I love doing those things but I haven’t received payment from any of them. Does that disqualify me then, from professing that I am a writer? Am I wrong to say that? Is that inappropriate to say? It feels much like a little child who has been admonished for cheerfully saying something that he believed to be true but yet, is disputed by an adult, because it does not fit in the criteria of what is deemed true in the adult world. There are so many women and men who are closet writers, painters, photographers, etc. They love doing what they feel that they have a talent to do, yet they will not consider that they can call themselves as such.

Must everything we do be dictated by a dollar amount? Are we also defining ourselves based on whether we are saleable or not? In whose eyes?

I will keep writing, I will keep painting and I will keep taking photographs. Because I have a voice. I have thoughts, ideas and creativity that were given to me to be shared. To encourage others so that they too will not be afraid to reach for their potential, to be brave to do what they know they can do, despite what others tell them.

What is it that you know you can do, but is afraid to do because you think you might not be good enough?

Share a little with me in the comments box with a link to your blog so that I might be able to share your story with others here.  We need to unfurl ourselves.


unfurled (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)


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