Being Thankful

I kept thinking about being grateful and remembering how Jesus healed the 10 lepers and only one returned to thank Him. 

Only one. Wow.

Am I always grateful or do I complain? Do I see what I am surrounded with or do I look at what is not there and gripe about it?

It is a scary thought to think of what we actually think about every minute of our waking moments. What are we thinking and if we had a printout of everything we thought about throughout the day, would we be pleased? Embarassed? Shocked? Saddened?

It made me wonder about how Jesus would feel about my thoughts. And I want to make a conscious choice to be thankful. Because He has given me more than I could possibly imagine and He keeps giving.

So, today, I am grateful because I had time to do the many things I needed to do. I got to visit people I needed to and wanted to see. I am grateful because I can trust God.

Go ahead, tell me what you’re thankful about.


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