Savouring Life

In the midst of everything  we do, there is a time when we need to stop for simple luxuries. More often than not, they are simple things, events or occasions that put a smile on our faces, a spring in our steps and enough smile power to keep us going forward.

My simple pleasures are:

  • Hawaii 5-0 the new version. The theme song at the opening gets me every time and puts this huge smile on my face.
  • Chilled coffee with milk without which I become an ogre.
  • The crisp coolness of a clear fall night accompanied by the smell of burning wood fires and thick piles of fallen leaves in beautiful shades of reds and oranges. (Unavailable for this season of my life, sigh…)
  • Looking up into a star studded inky black sky and marveling.
  • Being greeted by both my dogs even if I know that one of them just wants to use my legs or the bottom of my jeans as her paper napkin to wipe clean her beard.
  •  Floating in the ocean, feeling absolutely carefree while consciously trying to eject the theme music from Jaws constantly playing in my head.
  • Hanging out with friends and sharing great conversations.
  • Sharing all of the above with my husband.

So, what makes you smile?


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