Rob Macklin’s Photography

I do not like to wait. I want things to happen at once. 

Which is unrealistic to say the least, unless we’re talking about making instant noodle soup.  I am in the learning stage for many things. For all these things, the levels are different. In some things, I am at the intermediate level, in others, the beginner stages.

Which means I have to practice, practice and wait to improve while I practice and learn. Then I see the level where others are at that I want to be at and impatience gets the best of me. I have no idea if I will ever get there, but I can taste the wanting…….

And so I keep practicing and learning with what I have. I believe that if I am faithful with the little, eventually I can be trusted with more. As with anything in life, if we want to improve or get better at something, there is a cost. It takes work, sacrifice and time.

Here is the link to a photographer whose work I admire and this is what he says:

                Rob Macklin      

“I shoot landscapes. I take my camera out for sunrises and sunsets. I hike places. I sleep in my car…..a lot. I like coffee. “

He is also on Flickr. His work is amazing.

The only similarity we have is that we both like coffee. Perhaps, perhaps, I might get somewhere close to where he is right now. Or perhaps, I might develop my own creativity. Who knows? While I don’t like waiting, I know I have to. While I want to excel right off the bat, I know the reality is that I have to practice, practice and practice.

Eventually, I will improve.


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