Rob Macklin’s Photography

I do not like to wait. I want things to happen at once.  Which is unrealistic to say the least, unless we’re talking about making instant noodle soup.  I am in the learning stage for many things. For all these things, the levels are different. In some things, I am at the intermediate level, in […]

Filthy Rags Investment

These last few days, I oscillated between persevering and giving up. I don’t know if you do it too, but I do. Most times, I am stable. Got my sights set on the goal and heading towards it.  But these last days, there have been new things in the mix; I have been walking a […]

Savouring Life

In the midst of everything  we do, there is a time when we need to stop for simple luxuries. More often than not, they are simple things, events or occasions that put a smile on our faces, a spring in our steps and enough smile power to keep us going forward. My simple pleasures are: […]

Unfurl Ourselves

Sometimes, I jump in headfirst. I say inappropriate things. I get all brave and say something because I believe it even if no one else does, and then sit around chewing my lip the rest of the day wondering if I should have said it. Yesterday and today have been those types of days. I […]